The Dreamer & The Healer

Neptune and Chiron are conjunct and are both now retrograde. I touched on this a while ago, but promised more…

Neptune is in late Aquarius, and Chiron is in early Pisces, and together they are taking each of us on something of a spiritual revolution. Neptune is the planet of mystery and intuition, and Chiron is the planet of healing and also of compassion found through suffering. This conjunction is highlighting the need to go within and to find our own personal and unique connection to God or The Divine.

As unique Beings, no two people are alike, and it is therefore important to find a way of connecting to The Divine in a way that nourishes us and works for us. Following the flock or the lead of others can help, but ultimately this is our time to find our own paths.

Each of us has had pain and suffering of some kind in our lives, clearly for some this has been much more acute and distressing than others, but honouring this trauma now will enable each of us to get right to the core of our Beings, to let go of the suffering and to transmute it into compassion and love. This compassion enables true healing, and inspires each of us to help others, animals, plants, trees, the earth, spirits etc etc.

There is a great sense of serenity and peace with this conjunction; a sense that when we go within, there is stillness and quiet. If we can allow ourselves to Be ‘at One’ with this serenity, then all aspects of life move into sharper focus, and we are far less affected by the stormy seas around us. In this space, we can find great strength, resolve and determination, and somehow life starts to look more manageable, more joyful and more peaceful.

Neptune and Chiron together give each of us the gift of tranquillity, and if we immerse ourselves within this (even for a few minutes a day to begin with), inspiration and creativity start to flow as we feel ‘at One’ with the Divine, with compassion and with love.

So, this is a place to dwell over the coming weeks in order to gain a sense of direction, purpose and vision. This is the place where true abundance manifests, where we connect to our inner source of power and wisdom to guide and protect us.

When we are truly ‘at One’ with this powerful force within, we can then begin to work with our pain in a different way – to use it for healing, helping and inspiring others. We can allow our inner serenity and compassion to flow freely (for it in an infinite supply) to bring more love, understanding and joy to the world….