The Rebel & The Wise One United

Jupiter and Uranus are now in perfect conjunction, both in Aries creating a great deal of energy and electricity. This union continues for many many weeks, dipping back into Pisces after both planets move retrograde next month, and then surging forwards again later in the year.

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, success, abundance and expansion. Uranus is the free-thinker, the individual, innovative and rebellious. Combine these with the raw creative fire of Aries and it is clear to see why this is such a powerful conjunction!

Of course, Jupiter and Uranus form a vital piece of the T-Square (and Cosmic Crosses) this summer, it is a cornerstone of transformative power impacting all of us in quite profound ways.

The log jam of energy created by the T-Square needs an outlet, and expansive Jupiter combined with explosive Uranus (sometimes called the Lightning Strike!) seems to be that outlet.

This is a time of great personal insight, awareness and inspiration. It is a time to take back the reigns of our lives and re-focus our energies towards our dreams and goals. This is not a time for self-doubt or avoidance strategies if we are to move towards a greater sense of enrichment and abundance in our lives.

Now is the time to take responsibility for our choices, but to see this not as a burden, but as a joy. It is important that each of us become whole and complete, and honour our individuality and uniqueness. Each of us are free-spirits, and whilst life may place restraints on us, it is up to us to find our own little pieces of paradise in our lives where we can be free and joyful.

Living in the real world, it is clear to see that sometimes life can be cruel and we can become lost in hopelessness and despair. Yet Jupiter and Uranus are asking us to look beyond this, to the overflowing pool of love within, and to allow this love to heal, nurture and inspire us to reach for our dreams and to love ourselves.

As the planet of new horizons, Jupiter looks set to inspire each of us to face our fears and step into the unknown towards our dreams and goals. He is also the planet of positive thinking and wants us to believe that we can succeed. There is little room for doubt with Jupiter about. At the same time, Uranus likes the thrill of the unknown (he is represented by the Fool in the tarot, stepping into the abyss), he knows that it is only by pushing ourselves and having faith that we will grow and develop as human beings.

Uranus also has a strong connection to intuition and 6th sight, and so this is a summer to really pay attention to dreams, meditations and insights that come through. We are all sensitive intuitive beings, and by honouring this we can find tapping into that deep pool of love within easier and more rewarding.

In some ways it would be easy to assume that this conjunction is all about our inner worlds, and of course in many ways it is. Yet with fiery Aries as the driving force (before moving back into Pisces – more on that nearer the time!), it is also clear to see that this is a time of Doing as well as Being, it is a time of action and forwards movement in life.

Let the wisdom of Jupiter guide you though, for Aries and Uranus are somewhat impetuous and hot-headed. Rushing blindly ahead through impatience or through the sheer excitement of it all, may not serve us well in the long run, for this is a summer of major change, and it is important that we pause for long enough before we jump in feet first without considering the consequences.

This is not meant to stop each of us from stepping into the unknown though, but making that journey with adequate preparation, a compass, water and some basic survival skills makes far more sense than just rushing ahead unprepared and without due thought.

There is a strong sense that adventure beckons for many of us prepared to have faith and self-belief. It is time now to honour ourselves and our gifts, and to find joy in our uniqueness and beauty….