The Wise One & The Adventurer

Jupiter enters Aries

Today (the 6th June), mighty Jupiter enters Aries. This is a powerful combination of energies which fire up Jupiter immeasurably.

Jupiter represents wisdom, abundance, success, expansion, good fortune and new horizons. Aries is the adventurer full of raw creative power, courage and ‘va-va voom’. Together there is a sense of each of us being fired up to take steps into the unknown, to have faith and to create abundance, joy, adventure and success in our lives.

For many, exploring new horizons is a fearful experience, and not something to relish; yet it is through these new horizons that we grow, develop and learn more about our Selves and our strengths (and weaknesses). With Aries chomping at the bit to push ahead, fear and caution will be hard to cling to, as Aries is the impatient, sometimes reckless force that acts first, thinks later. This does not always work out well, but over the coming weeks, there is a strong sense that each of us will have to find courage and strength within to step into the unknown if we are to truly find our ‘places’ in life and achieve our dreams.

This summer is a rocky path with so much cosmic activity around us, yet looking beyond the chaos, it is clear to see that we are each being asked to find stillness and to stand like buoys holding fast in stormy seas. Remaining in that stillness is the key to forwards movements in our lives, it is not about being passive, but rather more about not losing our heads when all about us appear to be losing theirs (thanks Mr Kipling, and not the one who makes exceedingly good cakes!).

Jupiter in Aries is an exciting opportunity for each of us to grow and expand, to become wiser and freer. Aries is the adventurer, taking risks and seeking thrills; yet with mighty Jupiter (O Wise One) in tow, the combination of wisdom and adventure, abundance and courage, it would be fair to say that the going looks good for those of us prepared to reach into the unknown and beyond.

Of course, life never carries with it any guarantees. Yet, this is a summer to grow, to achieve and to Be, and so it seems this need to explore unfamiliar terrain is a necessary part of this. Success achieved despite the challenges life throws in our direction seems somehow more rewarding and more fulfilling, as it shows us just how resourceful we truly are. So, this is not a time for doubting, but a time for wise action and forwards movement. This is a time for celebrating life…

Jupiter moves into conjunction with Uranus in the coming days, so more on this soon…