Healing The Trauma Within

Chiron Retrograde

Today (the 4th June), Chiron moves retrograde. This powerful little asteroid plays an important role in our lives, yet he is still overlooked by a great many astrologers.

Chiron is the wounded healer, and in myth was an immortal wounded by a poisoned arrow (when Hercules accidently scratched him with an arrow poisoned with the blood of the monster Hydra). Unable to die to end his suffering and unable to heal himself, he instead used his pain and suffering to help and heal others. Chiron therefore shows us our own ‘incurable’ wounds or traumas and the ways in which we can use these experiences to help others.

We are all victims of pain and suffering at some time in our lives (or even past lives), and it is hard to find meaning to this pain when we are trapped in suffering. Yet, it is possible for some to look beyond this pain in order to see ways in which to transform it into something more positive. Not everyone can do this, and some traumas can cause so much damage to the soul, that it is not until a future life time that this transformation can occur.

Many of us on a spiritual path are seeking ways to find such meaning though and this is enabling more and more souls to help and heal others. Whether or not someone achieves this though should be without judgement, for it is not for us to judge others who cannot (for whatever reason) move beyond their suffering, and of course sometimes fate does not allow for this to happen.

Back to Retrograde Chiron. Over the coming weeks, each of us will be shown the roots of our painful experiences to help us begin to understand our deepest motivations and the reasons behind the choices we make in life. Chiron wants us to realise that some of our hurts stem from our own attitudes and choices, and that there are times when we need to take responsibility for this. Chiron is not about blame, but he is about facing up to things, and sometimes self-honesty is one of the hardest things to do.

There is a strong sense that Chiron wants us now to acknowledge our pain, our trauma and our choices and to heal the roots of these within us. It may not be possible to cure these, but through healing we can begin to move beyond the pain towards more meaning and the ability to help and heal others.

Faith is key here, as it is our beliefs that see us through the pain, and help us to find ‘meaning’ to our suffering. Yet sometimes it can be hard not to ‘blame’ God for some of the suffering we either experience or witness. Life can be hard and life can be cruel, these are simple facts, but Chiron instils within us the capacity to find hope where previously we have only seen despair.

Chiron is the true force of compassion; he can take us beyond self-pity and beyond blame to a place where we can truly be at peace with our suffering. Compassion means ‘to feel with’ and this is the crux of healing – the ability to heal others and experience true compassion only comes through our personal experiences and pain. This is not to say that we have all experienced immeasurable pain in our lives, but we have all lived, we have all experienced life and it is through this, that compassion grows.

Retrograde Chiron now wants us to face our inner wounds, our inner damage and our life-changing experiences, in order to tap into the healing force within us where compassion flows. Chiron wants us to move beyond blame to a place of strength and power within.

Chiron is currently conjunct Neptune (also retrograde) and this combination takes the need to go within much deeper still. It is as though we are going through an intense phase of spiritual re-awakening in order to tap into the wisdom, compassion, love, joy and strength within. (More on this conjunction soon).

So, over the coming weeks Chiron looks set to push us towards more self-honesty, a close look at our own attitudes and beliefs as well as opening us up far more to the power of compassion that resides within us all…