The Eye of the Tiger

As the winds of change continue to gather momentum, there are distinct currents of shift and change occurring on different levels of consciousness. One moment, we feel centred, calm and collect; but the next we can feel disconnected, disenchanted and discombobulated. In the blink of an eye, we can oscillate between knowing and trust to disarray and doubt; such shifts are undoubtedly hard to manage, for they are so unpredictable. At the same time though, despite the uncertainty, there is still an overall sense of forward movement and transformation.

This is a time of intense change; the path to Self (the path of awakening) is not an easy path, but it is one that we intuitively know we are ready to walk. Knowing ourselves, being ourselves and loving ourselves lies at the core of all of this change, for it is once we have become true to our essence, that we become love and feel divinity flowing freely through our veins. We always have been Divine of course, it’s just that life’s twists and turns have so frequently tripped us up or taken us off-piste, that we have ‘forgotten’ out true state of being.

It is all too easy to say ‘be Divine’ and the rest will take care of itself, for whilst this is true, as human beings, it is not always as straightforward as this, for we like to think, to probe, to understand and to seek out meaning. We need to feel a part of our transformation and to feel a conscious shift towards ‘being Divine’. Accepting it blindly rarely works, for we need to feel it, be it and believe it.

This is a time for becoming One with the flow within in order to find peace within our hearts and souls in order to let go of the doubts, the fears and the angst connected to living consciously and being ‘awake’. This takes strength and courage, for it means facing our depths and Truth, and connecting to the source of power within.

Although we may feel lost in the tangled jungle within, it is time to find the beacons that illuminate the path to becoming Whole and complete. This is a deeply personal experience, and one that cannot be easily defined, for it means something completely different to each individual soul. Whilst we are collectively shifting and awakening, the path of Divinity is innately personal as well.

Standing firm and standing in Truth takes strength and vision, for it is a sign that we are ready to embrace All that we Are and willing to open up to being All that we can Be. This takes dedication and focus, but it goes beyond ‘doing’ and chasing dreams and rainbows, to a place of being and knowing.

Whilst we are all seeking out Heaven on Earth, it is only once we realise that it is already within our hearts and souls that we open up to letting it flow freely. It is not some state of being to chase or seek out; it is here already.

So, when we find ourselves in the tangled jungle within that life so often creates, and we feel lost and alone. When we hear the roar in the distance or snapping twig behind us, we can become consumed by fear or we can open up to the power within and realise that this inner jungle is within us; it is a part of us. We have nothing to fear from ourselves, and once we accept this, we can move through the fear and find our true majesty and strength. When we look (metaphorically!) into the eye of the tiger, we see our reflection and we see our fears and our storylines playing out before our eyes; in short, we see Truth. The jungle may be an unknown and sometimes treacherous place, but there are many treasures and joys in its midst…we just have to open our eyes to them.

Once we have overcome the fear from within, then life changes. Whilst we can never eradicate uncertainty from daily life, once we feel the strength and the power within, we no longer feel like helpless pawns or driftwood, but we become conscious and awakened, empowered and inspired, and we begin to ride the waves and dance with the winds of change with love in our hearts and joy in our souls…