The Sticking Point

Owning our power, embracing our gifts and opening up to our Truth are all amazing and wonderful buzz phrases that encompass our quest for becoming Whole and for living the best life possible. Yet, when we stop and ponder these words, how many of us can say, hand on heart, that we are completely open to them and hold up no resistance to what they imply in our lives?

There is an inevitable sticking point for so many when it comes to ‘personal power’ and personal majesty and mastery, for there is a thin line between ego and humility. So many find it hard to embrace their power because they fear they are being ‘big-headed’ by doing so. However, this kind of misses the point, for true power is not about ego, and those that get lost in the ego or on power trips have not mastered their power, but have become consumed by fear.

True power is about honouring the Self and one’s true state of Being; as sparks of the Divine, we are Divine and we are magnificent. These words are not based in ego, but they imply a resonance with Truth and an at-Oneness with both the Self and the Divine. When we open up to our power, we step beyond the ego and the need to chase dreams or fight the currents, for we become conscious in the present moment, and in that moment we feel Whole and complete.

This is not to say that we will stop aspiring to make our dreams a reality, but the dynamics shift as we stop chasing those rainbows and instead allow ourselves to become fully aware and awake in the moment; we become the rainbow. This takes courage and it takes faith, for it means letting go of our tendency to remain focused on the future and on what may, or may not, evolve or develop. At the same time, we let go of the past controlling our present; whilst it has inevitably shaped and moulded us and our lives, it no longer defines us, for it is behind us, not with us. In the present moment, we stop depleting ourselves by trying to be everything and do everything, and instead we open up to our Divinity and feel Whole exactly as we are.

It can be hard though to truly resonate with living consciously, for it can feel separate from the daily grind of life; yet when we have the courage to merge conscious living with life, we realise that there is no separateness, we create walls and boundaries in order to rationalise and handle our fears or angst.

As the waves of change and shift continue to lap the shores of the soul, it seems clear that in order to truly embrace our power and our gifts, and to allow Truth to flow, we need to awaken now and open up to our true and magnificent Divinity. Feel this, don’t think it. Become it; live it…