The Sacred Dance….

The celestial dance between Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron continues as each of these planets move direct. Jupiter has already made the move, and Chiron and Neptune will follow over the next couple of weeks.

I take this opportunity to reflect upon some of the words that have come to me as this Dance has continued:

‘These planets seem to be paving the way for a transformational and joyous time. They will release a huge surge of transformational energy out into the cosmos for each of us to bathe in.

This is truly a special time, and we would all be wise to go within to clarify our goals and dreams, to visualise them and to believe that they will come to pass.

Both collectively and individually, we are changing and shifting. There is a sense that our inner guide books are being re-written and we have been blessed with some new directions connected to creating a positive and bright reality, not only for ourselves but for everyone.

We have long forgotten just how powerful our minds are, and if we choose to focus on the lack and darkness around us at this time, then this will grow. If we can turn any negatives into positives, and make a difference, then we will see a global shift in attitude towards harmonious living.

We each have a mission at this time, and this mission is to do the very best we can, not to underestimate ourselves, not to undersell ourselves or our potential, and to believe that anything is possible.

With the Light comes Dark, with the Love comes Sorrow, with the Positivity comes Negativity. We will start to see the ‘bigger picture’ of life and fully realise that to have balance and harmony, we must experience the two polarities.

Neptune is very wise and helps us to love unconditionally. He is the light of inspiration, the celestial musician, the keeper of Cosmic Truths. Chiron helps us to connect to our inner strength and ability to turn negatives into positives. Jupiter can help us to see the true abundance that we all have on some level, and he acts as a conduit between the inner and outer landscape of our lives.

This recent retrograde phase of Neptune will enable anyone who truly believes, to be inspired and guided by Sacred Truth. This will be enhanced by retrograde Chiron who will allow each of us to find our inner strength and re-connect to our ‘incurable wounds’ in order to see just how we can help others and the world.

By the time these planets start moving direct again, each of us will have transformed at quite a deep level and be ready to step back on the path again with love in our hearts, joy in our souls and confident that we are being guided towards our destiny…

Jupiter can help us to tune in to our inner resources of strength, self-belief and dreams to see just how much abundance we have. The more we can focus on this, the richer we become emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, and the more content we can become with our lives.

We are now being challenged to go within, to let go of our fears, to find our inner strength, to listen to Spirit and to follow our destiny. Not much to ask then!

It is time to be centred, to tap into that vast inner well of love, compassion and strength and to stand hand in hand with one another. It is time to not be afraid to let the world see the core of who we are, to face our fears, our inadequacies and to realise that we are all here for a reason. That reason is becoming clearer, and it will soon be time to step into the unknown, into infinity and beyond to realise our full potential. There is a choice though, the alternative is to stay put, to not take that risk, to avoid jumping into the spiritual watery depths of the unknown feet first.

That decision is yours, and yours alone’.

Reading back over these words, it certainly seems clear that the celestial dance has had a clear and definite impact on not only my life but on the lives of just about everyone else I know.

More on this soon…