The Truth Will Out

Today (the 6th December) magnificent Uranus moves direct. Uranus has been in a cosmic clinch with Jupiter for much of the summer and autumn, and Uranus moving direct is the next big step on the cosmic calendar.

Uranus is the freedom seeking rebel fighting for individuality and Truth. He is the lightning strike that breaks down barriers, and the innovator bringing new ideas and thought forms into use. He is the ruler of intuition, and helps us to become more interconnected with the Universal energies. Uranus reflects not only our innate human longing to know where we are going and why, but also our need to feel part of something bigger.

Uranus is always forward thinking, never looking back, this is why Uranus is the rebel and the revolutionary – forcing change, forcing new ideas and changing traditions.

Of course, many people find it so hard to freely express their Uranian nature, as to do so, requires a great degree of detachment from taking a personal perspective. To be Uranian is to adopt a more collective or Universal perspective and this is quite alien to most people; so many individuals prefer to keep their heads down and their individuality locked away.

For those of us that do manage to achieve a more ‘detached’ and individual approach to life then we get to see the whole picture, warts and all. Not everyone wants to even acknowledge that…!

In general though, Uranus always finds a way to seep into our lives, so ignoring this electric and eclectic bundle of energy will serve little purpose. Change will occur – it might be hard, it might be challenging, but in order to grow and develop we need to embrace Uranus and the qualities that he brings. It is time now for change…

Over the past few months, each of us have been aware of the subtle changes going on within. These have been connected to us being more aware of our true Selves. Uranus wants us to be unique, special and individual – because we are. When we can truly be our Selves, we can embrace the other Uranian qualities and allow our gifts and potential to truly flow.

On moving Direct, Uranus wants each of us to let our true colour and individuality shine. It is important to acknowledge our gifts and Truth, and to not be afraid to step out from the shadows for all to see.

After a summer and autumn full of challenges (or opportunities!), it is important to remember that Uranus is the planet of infinite possibilities, one person can create a chain reaction of change, one person can set in motion a new thought or idea that can literally send shock waves of new thought or changed behaviour around the world.

Such shock waves are happening now. New thoughts, beliefs and insights are reaching out far and wide, and whilst many may not resonate, there is undeniably a calling towards more integration, individuality and freedom now.

So for those of us who can be free, feel blessed for this and grab your individuality with both hands. Embrace Truth and love your uniqueness. As Shakespeare once wrote ‘The Truth Will Out’ (The Merchant of Venice)

It is time to take that leap of faith…2011 looks set to be a year of magic, manifestation and abundance on so many levels…