2010 Yearly Forecast


It seems that there is one main thing for you to focus on over the coming year, and that focus is You! You need to ask yourself how true you are being to your Self. How well are you honouring your Self? Are you truly fulfilled? These are lofty questions, but do need exploring as you have reached a stage of your life that has at least two different paths.

The first path is the safe, familiar path, lined with few – if any – surprises, and whilst stable, the predictability and routine can be a little soul destroying.  The second path is quite different; it is the ‘path less travelled’, being somewhat more unpredictable and unknown. The risks may be greater, but maybe not, but the potential for contentment, excitement, fulfilment and adventure are all greatly heightened.

You may feel that it is not quite as simple as making a choice, but what else is there to do? Perhaps embarking on a magical quest to prove your worth to help you to decide? Sadly, this is no longer available, and so this decision is yours and yours alone. The question is, how brave are you feeling to take a leap of faith into the unknown to take your life into a whole new dimension?

The time has come to have the courage of your convictions and to believe in yourself and your abilities to create the life that you have been dreaming about.

When it comes to your relationships, it seems that duty and responsibility have replaced fun and spontaneity. Ok, having fun and being spontaneous all the time might not be practical, but you seem to have dropped these completely. Try to get the balance right, as a life devoid of such things is not a contented life for an Aries.

Also in 2010, there is a strong need to let go of past hurts and doubts in order to live in the present. You carry a great deal of baggage from the past, and this holds you down and the burden can feel overwhelming at times. You need a much greater degree of freedom now – this is your year to take control of your destiny…

Your key theme for 2010: Joy


Your foundations play a key role in your life in 2010. Having a strong foundation from which to base your life will act as a springboard for you to explore some new directions and pathways throughout the year. Your home is naturally important to you anyway, but perhaps you need to start the year with a major de-clutter? So maybe it’s time to let go of those possessions that just take up space or to pass on those things that you never use? As a Taurean, you can be sentimentally attached to ‘stuff’ – but having quite so much just seems to be a burden in your life. Try to remember that your possessions do not make you the person you are today – you do that on your own.

You are the sort of person that thinks nothing of helping others – you give your time, your energy and yourself quite freely. This is very admirable, but is being a servant to others needs and wants all the time really satisfying and rewarding? Maybe you need to have some regular ‘you time’ this year where you can follow your own wants and needs, and start to explore your potential? This is not to say that you are a doormat, but that ‘magic and sparkle’ has withered a little, and your eyes look a little sad, so it is time to re-inject some life, fun and adventure, and get that sparkle back.

2010 is a year for you to enjoy your freedom and independence more; and this will lead to you having time to connect with some new kindred spirits and groups that mean a great deal to you. Do not think you are selfish for exploring some new interests, for this will re-energise you and enable you to do far more for those ‘needy’ souls around you (and you would never neglect them, for that is not your way).

Finally, this is a year to develop your connection with the Divine, and to have faith.  Part of this process is connected to honouring your past (warts and all) to enable you to be strong in the present. Don’t let the past hold you back – 2010 is a year for new beginnings…

Your key theme for 2010: Inspiration


You have been going through quite a long phase of transformation, and you would be forgiven for feeling like 2009 was a frustrating and challenging year; for in many ways it was. Yet at the same time, without these challenges, you would not be stepping into 2010 with the vision that you have now. You may feel like a bird in a cage, but you now have the key to the lock, the understanding of how to use it, and in addition,  you are almost ready to not only spread your wings, but to fly as well.

2010 sees a stronger, more focused and more centred you emerge. You seem more content in your own skin, and you seem clear about what you do want and what you don’t want in your life. Success and abundance are yours for the taking, as your confidence opens new doors for you. The pressure and burden you have been feeling starts to lift as freedom beckons, and you can finally give your creativity an outlet in your life.

It is important to keep things real, but at the same time try not to let self-doubt or over-thinking undermine you. You are the key to your own success in 2010, and so believe in yourself and your potential, and like the bird in the cage, take yourself to some new heights in your life…

Friends and kindred spirits form an important role in your life over the coming year. They are not only your support network but your source of inspiration as well. Try not to get too distracted by others as you need to stay focused to achieve your own dreams, but do try to get more involved with others – you have a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share. Try not to think that you know everything you need to know though, for they have much to share with you too, so do listen and absorb others ideas and thoughts as they will help you on your epic adventure this year.

This is a bright year for Gemini, a year where you can achieve much and explore a whole new dimension of life. Don’t hold yourself back, and try to find the courage of your convictions to follow your dreams; remember whilst life has no guarantees, a life without adventure leaves you feeling caged and unfulfilled…

Your key theme for 2010: Freedom


Your life has taken a quiet path recently; you have kept your head down, worked hard and just got on with the business of living. This sounds a little mechanical, and in many ways it is, yet it has been an important experience to prepare you for life in 2010. This practical phase has helped you to find the joy in the simple things in life and to help you to see that living simply can be just as fulfilling as living a busy and complicated life. You have taken a giant leap forwards on your life path, as you have found ways of injecting your spirituality and compassion into even the most basic of tasks. You have realised that having your name up in lights is not the be-all and end-all, and in fact by living more simply, you can do far more with your life.

This coming year brings great transformation for you, and this is likely to be triggered by an epiphany of sorts when you start to see your work in a whole new light. You find a way to incorporate your healing and intuitive gifts into your work bringing you much joy. Your spirituality starts to grow stronger in your life, and you start to feel closer to the Divine. This deepening contentment with life allows you to re-connect with some dearly held dreams and to see new ways to achieve them; it is time to think outside of the box.

2010 sees your life path take a few interesting twists and turns, some may be quite challenging, but you have such strength within to cope with these, so don’t be afraid to call on this. As the year progresses, your individuality and gifts truly start to shine, and this is the time to simply be yourself – you are great as you are, you do not need to bend yourself out of shape to meet other people’s expectations. Try not to let your inner fears or vulnerabilities hold you back from exploring new opportunities, and try not to allow your self-doubting tendencies to dictate your path ahead.

So, love being yourself and love being you, you have much to offer the world.  2010 looks set to be a year where dreams come true – if you have the courage to blossom.

Your key theme for 2010: Destiny


2010 starts with a bang as your energy levels are literally buzzing! This is likely to put you on quite a high, so be careful not to feel totally invincible – you are human after all! This energy is like rocket fuel, use it wisely and you can reach an exciting, undiscovered terrain. Use it wastefully or without thought, and it can overheat the engine before you even start. So, focus is very important for you as the year begins – have a good idea of what you want, and where you want to go, so you can use this energy in a channelled way to achieve your desired outcome.

With all this energy flying about, you need to take care of your health this year. Take time out to relax and find ways of venting any excess energy for example, through exercise. Avoid stress by taking regular time out to keep calm, and try to imbibe healthy and nutritious food (energy) to keep your motor running on full.

2010 is a year of great achievement for Leo’s, but the key to this is through careful use of your resources. Don’t burn yourself out before the year gets fully underway as this is a year full of potential and new opportunities, so keep yourself in tiptop form to grab any opportunities as they come knocking. Try not to let reason go on a vacation though, as you do need to keep things real; set your expectations too high and you may feel disappointed. This is not to say that you shouldn’t reach for new heights, but there is a line between reality and fantasy – cross it at your own peril!

On a deeper level, there is a strong sense of a spiritual and creative re-awakening this year. You are likely to see some big changes in your life, and some of the endings may be hard to swallow, but without endings there can be no new beginnings, so try to look at the bigger picture. The future looks very bright for Leo, and you are in the driving seat at the moment, so as long as you remember ‘mirrors, signal, manoeuvre’ (!), then sit back and enjoy the ride!

Your key theme for 2010: Motivation


Get your Self organised, get the practicalities in order and get ready for a roller coaster ride into 2010! It seems that opportunities will be knocking at your door as your enter the New Year, and will continue for some time into it. Try not to feel rushed or pressured into taking up one or indeed any of these though, for 2010 is a year for you to nurture yourself. New opportunities may sound like just the ticket, but when you look a little deeper, you are likely to see that you first need to take some time out to contemplate exactly what it is that you now want from life.

The roller coaster will continue to twist and turn even if you step off for a short time, so try not to worry that you will ‘miss the boat’ if you do not grab these opportunities now. If you are not ready to sail off into the sunset, then you could end up regretting your decision if you jump on the first boat that comes along.

Try not to think in terms of ‘what if’s’ and instead turn your focus within to ensure that you are nurturing your spirit, mind and body. Finding fulfilment is a key part of your journey in 2010, but following the crowds, keeping up with new trends and just doing what sounds exciting are not. Do stay aware of your intuition and your instincts, and let them guide you. Get caught up in the hype, and you are likely to end up feeling lost and confused. Take back the control, and set your own pace.

Your close personal relationships have great importance this year. Not only are they likely to give you a great sense of joy, but they look set to give you the confidence and self-belief to explore some new horizons within yourself. You are going through a phase of personal transformation in 2010, and your relationships (of all kinds) play a key role in this. Part of the transformation process is connected to finally letting go of any pain in the relationship area of your life in order to release any repeating patterns. It is time to close the chapter containing pain to open the section on joy.

Your key theme for 2010: Contentment


Well the time has finally come; yes it’s time to stop faffing, philosophising and over-thinking. The time has come to start doing! A novel concept perhaps; but vital now if you are to move your life forwards. The trouble with Librans is not that they are indecisive; it is that they see all sides to every situation, and they weigh up every possible outcome. This can be incredibly useful, but also destructive as it can leave you paralysed in a place many would call indecision, but is actually more akin to being overwhelmed by thoughts.

It seems that these thoughts analyse failure and success, and you end up stuck somewhere in the middle achieving little as a result. Sometimes, you have to take a risk in life, sometimes you have to feel the fear and do it anyway. Poet, Anais Nin once wrote:

‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom’.

Need I say more? Not terribly subtle, but necessary.

So it is time to get yourself organised, to stop making excuses, to stop pondering so much and to focus. 2010 is a year of ‘getting things done’ – a new you is emerging, a more confident, more decisive, more determined and happy you, that is.

Some big changes are afoot, firstly your health is in big focus – it seems that this is the year to be (or get) well, and to live healthily. It is a year to re-find your faith; you may go on a spiritual quest or adventure, but your life gains more meaning and purpose as the year progresses. Your home life starts to truly nurture and support you, and some new and very original relationships emerge in your life bringing you deep contentment and great enrichment – try not to be afraid of new experiences and exploring new terrain in your life.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, don’t struggle to fit in – why would you want to as you are just so unique? Enjoy this now, see it as a gift, for it is. In addition, love yourself and be honest with yourself, own your gifts and honour your potential. Be open to the help and support on offer, and don’t be afraid of change. You have an opportunity over the coming months to obtain the life you have been dreaming of – the path may have risks, but doesn’t any path in life? Don’t you owe it to yourself to try?

Your key theme for 2010: Blossoming


Looking after number one is an important theme for you over the next 12 months. Scorpios are often seen as self-focused by those who know no better, yet in fact the opposite is usually true – you can get so embroiled in the lives of others that you can lose sight of yourself and your own needs. This reaches a point where you feel lost and without personal boundaries, often creating a knee-jerk reaction of you having to pull away to get yourself back together again. It just seems that unless you are a Scorpio, no one really gets this, and thinks you are being fickle or selfish.

Being misunderstood is not easy for such an emotional and empathic sign, and 2010 gives you the chance to re-affirm your personal boundaries and keep them in place. This will not isolate you, but it might put a few noses out of joint for a while. Try to ride the storm though, as your well-being is at stake.

It is time to let go of other people’s expectations and instead go deeply within to tap into what you want and need in life. Nurture your mind and change your inner dialogue to positive – be kind to yourself, support yourself and love yourself. In addition, it is time to let go of the pain from past events in order to free yourself up to embrace some new opportunities and adventures in your life. You have some long held dreams and ambitions, and maybe now is the time to re-explore them and to find a way of making them a reality.

Avoiding stress is an important focus in 2010 – finding an outlet for your energy and frustration will help, but staying in control and setting the pace of your life are the main keys to staying stress free. Honour yourself and your needs, if you need to take time out then try to find a way to take it, but don’t get lost in other people’s lives or you will struggle to find clarity or the focus needed this year.

You are the maker of your own destiny, you will never stop being empathic and caring, but sometimes you have to stand firm and look after ‘numero uno’. Don’t stay with tradition for tradition’s sake, and don’t hold onto pain – it is time to be true to your Self now.

Your key theme for 2010: Tranquillity


The message for Sagittarians is usually to focus more and have less variety, but high on the agenda for 2010 are expansion and exploration. Don’t get too carried away though, as too many new interests are likely to distract you from making much, if any, progress. So, do feel free to dabble in some new ideas, but try to keep the underlying theme focus and determination.

2010 is a year to find a new sense of freedom and adventure in your life and this seems strongly connected to your home life. It’s possible that a move is on the cards, but what does seem clear is that you will have the space to create the perfect environment for you to thrive.

The coming year brings adventure, new opportunities and new horizons into your life. It is up to you just how much you do, but once again keep that focus towards the fulfilment of your dreams, for whilst these new horizons might bring joy and excitement, as well as helping you towards your goals; get distracted and you could get lost along the way.

Your struggle to achieve freedom in your life is often counteracted by a need to have people around you, and these can undermine one another. Balance is possible, but you need to explore why you feel you can only have one or the other at any one time. Maybe you have felt trapped in relationships or maybe you have felt vulnerable on your own? The key now and over the coming year is to be more flexible and to enjoy the present more, rather than focusing on what might be around the next corner. So, let go of the pain and release yourself from the paradox that you often find yourself in.

Exploring your creativity is an essential part of your journey over the next 12 months. You are naturally very creative, but sometimes get so wrapped up in everyday life that you do not find the space to let your creative juices flow. It’s time to let your colour and flair shine, and to have some fun with your inspirational ideas. An important part of this process seems connected to those who are close to you. Some new and valued kindred spirits look set to enter your life, and this will encourage your creative urges no end. Enjoy the creativity of deep and meaningful intellectual conversations, and start to feel yourself becoming more and more alive as the year progresses…

Your key theme for 2010: Creativity


2010 looks set to be a year of new beginnings for Capricorn. You have been slowly and steadily working towards this over the last few months (if not years), biding your time and keeping your head down working hard. Life has not been easy, but you have kept going with the faith that you would get there in the end. You are now approaching a land-mark phase of your life where opportunities come knocking thick and fast – take your time before you act, think things through and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

It is time now to embark on a new (ad) venture in your life and it is also time to reap the rewards of all your hard work. Use your gifts, talents and experience to create the life of your dreams, all the more satisfying for you as you have laid all the groundwork to make this possible. Of course, the need to keep your feet on the ground remains as important as ever, but there is some room for excitement and letting your hair down.

Don’t be afraid to consider an opportunity that seems a little left of centre or unusual – if you feel drawn, then explore it. You might find that an avenue you have never considered before will actually suit you down to the ground. So keep an open mind.

Life is not simply measured by your success, but by your well-being as well, and so you need to spend 2010 living in a way that truly nurtures you on all levels (body, mind and spirit). Watch out for any food allergies, and keep an eye on your financial security as well – nourishment not stress is what you need. Try to take regular breaks from the ‘rat race’ to keep your inspiration flowing, and trust your intuition to guide you as the year progresses. The more in touch with yourself you can be, the greater the chance of achieving your dreams.

2010 is a year to think in terms of positives not negatives. Have belief in yourself and your gifts, and know that if you put your mind to something, you stand a great chance of success. Doubts and fears feed restriction and constriction, and you have had enough of this in your life over recent years, so now think expansively and creatively and focus on abundance, joy, fulfilment and personal growth.

Your key theme for 2010: Positivity


You have been travelling along your own special and unique path for quite some time now. You have your own set own beliefs and ideas about both your life and your purpose, and feel quite content knowing that you are on the right track. There have been times though, where you have allowed the ideas, opinions and beliefs of others to dominate your thinking. Whilst listening to what others have to say is wise, changing your own direction in life to accommodate this is something else entirely.

It is true that you are a sponge when it comes to new ways of thinking and new ideas, but if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture of your life you will realise that all this pondering is distracting you from your path. 2010 is a year for you to focus on your own inner resources and strength in order to keep yourself on track and to keep your life moving forwards towards the achievement of your dreams. Keep things clear and focused and you cannot go far wrong.

Your beliefs are important focal points on your journey over the coming year, and you need to look to the way you think and feel about key issues in your life in order to understand yourself better. An important first step is to forgive yourself for any and all past transgressions – it is time to let go of any anger, guilt, tension or shame, and at the same time to let go of any pain you have been holding on to. You then need to think about changing your inner dialogue to something more wholesome and positive to help you to achieve that new reality you have been seeking.

The key to success in your life is in changing how you think about it. A change in your attitude towards success and failure is vital. You don’t have to give yourself such a hard time and push yourself so much, and if you can start to believe that success is both possible and achievable for you, then you can start to make this a reality.

When it comes to close relationships, you need to be honest with yourself about what you truly seek. There is the fairytale daydream and then there is the reality of the sort of person you could tolerate! Get to know yourself better and accept yourself for who you are; this is your life, so play by your own rules…

Your key theme for 2010: Transformation


2010 is the year for you to spread your wings and to explore some new and very exciting horizons. This is a year for abundance, adventure and new beginnings. This is a real turning point for you and your life. The challenge for you is in feeling comfortable focusing on your Self more and on others less, the reason for this is your tendency to self-sacrifice your own needs for the sake of others – you have got so used to doing this that it has become second nature and those close to you ‘expect’ it of you now.

Try to remember that you are just as important as anyone else, and in your life you are the most important person. It is time to let go of the guilt connected to having your own interests and following your own path, and being able to say ‘no’ without torturing yourself with self-negating thoughts. This is your year to step away from martyrdom towards freedom and empowerment.

Trust in yourself and your gifts now, listen to your intuition to guide you and know that the pathway to success has already been mapped out. In addition, you not only have the compass, but a land rover in which to travel in relative comfort. You also have the key, the vehicle is full of fuel and the engine is ticking over nicely. So what’s the problem? You, that’s the problem! You deserve this, and you have earned this, so why not embrace the abundance that is paving your path ahead? Believe in yourself and your gifts, and reach for your dreams, don’t you owe this to yourself?

A new you emerges in 2010 and this may come as a shock to some of those close to you. This new you has always been there, lurking beneath the surface, but you are now able to express your true nature freely and with confidence. So a new chapter begins in your life, and you have the pen and a blank page of the rule book to set your own agenda. Have fun!

New friends, groups and kindred spirits grow in importance as the year progresses. Don’t be afraid to connect with new people, and have fun in expressing your creativity and individuality. On a spiritual level, it is time to let go of any lingering doubts and use your beliefs to enrich your life on all levels. It is time to live your beliefs now…

Your key theme for 2010: Enrichment