A Long Dark Night of the Soul

The past few months have been a somewhat bumpy and tumultuous ride into a long dark night of the soul. Uncertainty and discombobulation has reigned, and many of us have felt lost in the dark without a compass, map or GPS to guide us.

Yet, over the coming weeks, like a brilliant angel coming down to bless us, a new light is beginning to shine on each of us, lighting up our paths ahead with clarity and vision.

Whilst this new wave of beautiful light comes through, it is important to honour the challenges each of us has faced recently and to tap into the well of strength deep within us to realise that some important lessons have been learned…

We must face and accept the consequences of all of our decisions, even if that decision is not to decide. The only way we can truly be free is to be responsible for our own lives; for the choices we make, for our own capability to love ourselves and for our ability to honour our destiny.

In addition, there is no point in having regrets, for these only take away more energy from our Beings. We need to accept, surrender to the Universe, and to live in the moment. Focusing on the past or the future takes us away from the present and diminishes our wholeness.

The past few months have raised many deep and profound questions about life, the universe and our places within it. We all search for answers in life. We all try to seek out solutions and patterns, but why? What is the motivation? Are we so scared of the unknowable chaos that we need to make sense of everything? Should we not just accept that we cannot know everything; and that by embracing the unknowable chaos, we can ultimately bring calmness, peace and serenity into our lives?

Sometimes, the answers lie not in trying to seek out solutions, but they lie in us changing the question! Sometimes, it is simply our perspective that needs to shift in order to find clarity. And sometimes, we need to realise we are banging our heads against a brick wall and so we need to walk away towards something new…

It is time now for each of us to create our own stories, to be creative. We need to take control and to regain our sense of perspective in life. We need to be clear about the direction in life we are taking and the reasons we are taking it. And we need to embrace our lives, choices and gifts.

It is also time for each of us to make peace with the person we see staring back at us in the mirror. We need to stop the inner critic and allow peace and love to reign within…