The Pool of Tranquillity

Today (7th November) Neptune moves direct, and the stillness and quiet that Neptune has been asking each of us to search for within shifts focus as we start to seek this stillness in all aspects of our lives.

Whilst the past few months have been challenging for so many of us, if we can allow ourselves to Be ‘at One’ with this Neptunian serenity, then all aspects of our lives move into sharper focus, and we are far less affected by the stormy seas around us. In this space, we can find great strength, resolve and determination; and somehow life starts to look more manageable, more joyful and more peaceful.

You may recall that Neptune and Chiron together give each of us the gift of tranquillity, and if we immerse ourselves within this (even for a few minutes a day to begin with), inspiration and creativity start to flow as we feel ‘at One’ with the Divine, with compassion and with love. So, whilst we need to continue to dwell in this inner tranquillity in order to gain a sense of direction, purpose and vision (for this is the place where true abundance manifests, where we connect to our inner source of power and wisdom to guide and protect us), we also need to start thinking about our outer plans, goals and dreams now.

Now we are beginning to be truly ‘at One’ with this powerful force within, we can allow our inner serenity and compassion to flow freely (for it is an infinite supply) to bring more love, understanding and joy to ourselves, one another and to the world.

I wrote the following words in the early summer, and they are just as poignant for today…

…’Deep within you is a deep pool of stillness, tranquillity and inspiration. When you tap into this energy, you fill up with creativity and vision, and gain a true sense of direction in your life. This is the place where dreams come true, and staying in tune with this immense source of inner power will help to guide you towards success and abundance in your life. Whilst in this space, you can assess your thoughts and inner dialogue, and transform them into something wholly positive and inspirational. When you believe in yourself, then there truly is no stopping you’.

Neptune direct, is asking each of us to believe now; and to use that belief to transform our lives and the lives of others. This is a time of great empowerment and deep understanding; and it is a time to allow our uniqueness and gifts to flow…