Cutting Out The Dead Wood…

Pluto in retrograde continues to dig deep and stir up issues and challenges for each of us to face.

This powerful little planet plays such a major role in world events over the next decade, he is certainly not one to ignore. I wonder if his demotion to ‘dwarf’ planet irked him somewhat, and now he is getting his own back by causing chaos?

Over the coming weeks, retrograde Pluto will continue to help each of us to go within and face the truth of our lives. We often cling to people, possessions and experiences in life because they are familiar and comfortable; but how often do we consider if they are holding us back or preventing us from exploring our full potential?

Pluto has a certain way of working, and those of us who have strong Pluto’s know this only too well. He starts off very gently nudging us to let go, to change, to be reborn. This can be subtle, and most people would ignore these signs. He then gets a bit more obvious creating obstacles and minor incidents to help us to see. At this point, there is a risk – ignore Pluto and he has ways of making you pay attention (I speak from personal experience).

Pluto shows us that however we may feel about change and endings, these are a fact of life. He gives us a choice: accept change and find strength from it, or resist it and let the fear destroy us. Both choices end up at the same destination, for change is inevitable. So, with hindsight, taking the subtler hints from Pluto can be quite a wise move.

People often confuse acceptance with giving up – these are not the same. Giving up comes from a negative, defeatist space. Acceptance comes from a place of knowing, of strength.

Retrograde Pluto is not about giving up, it is about letting go of those things that no longer serve us in order to be re-born, renewed, rejuvenated.

We all have baggage in life, be it physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Most of us have all four to some degree. But in order to move through life we need to be able to travel lightly – therefore letting go of those things which no longer serves us makes a great deal of sense.

This links in well to the consumerist society in which we live today. Pluto is knocking down the illusion that material living, money, wealth and power are invincible and impressive. They are not. Nothing lasts. If we choose to rely on these, then life becomes empty and without meaning.

Many people have turned their backs on religion and spirituality in favour of a new God – money and debt. They have become slaves to new cars, new shoes, personalised number plates (have never understood that one!), more holidays, and keeping up with the neighbours. This way of life is a choice, and it’s not for me to denigrate someone for this, but when they look at their lives in the cold light of day, are they truly happy? Can shoes really give someone meaning and depth to their lives?

Coming back to our baggage – it is only by letting go of those things which no longer serve us that we can make way for the new to enter our lives. It can be scary, unknown, risky, but if we want to grow and learn, what choice do we have?