Eyes Wide Open

It’s amazing what we see when we open our eyes.

There are many reasons why we choose not to move through life with our eyes wide open: from fear to closed-mindedness, from distractions to over-focusing. It seems that for many of us, to make a conscious choice to open our eyes involves facing some, or all of these, head-on.

So many of us go through life with our eyes so firmly focused on the path ahead and on the things we want to reach towards and achieve, that we lose sight of the wonderful scenery that we pass along the way. At the same time, we create filters and build blinkers (coping mechanisms and avoidance strategies) in order to shape what we see in order to find a path through life that we can manage or cope with.

Such tactics are a part of being human, but by moving through life without seeing all we can, we are missing out on so much in the process. In some ways, it is easier not to have our eyes wide open, for such a stance involves embracing all aspect of the Self and having the courage to step towards Truth. Intuitively we know that both of these are essential as we continue to awaken, but when life gets tough, it is somehow easier to get lost in the humdrum without having to step back and contemplate the roles that we are playing in it all.

Being responsible and accountable are so important on the path to Self, and whilst we all know that we cannot be responsible for everything that happens in our lives, we can be responsible for our reactions and responses. In essence, there is a need to go deeply within in order to understand the storylines, beliefs and inner dialogues that we are a part of in order to understand why it is somehow easier to walk through life with our eyes sheltered or closed. It is only by affirming a desire to open our eyes, that we can begin to let go of all of those storylines and beliefs as we step beyond them and live more consciously.

Living consciously with our eyes wide open is a bold step, and whilst it is perhaps the only logical way forward as we evolve and develop, once such a step is taken it cannot be undone. It is therefore so important to make a conscious choice to step free from the humdrum, the storylines and the limiting beliefs, and connect to the infinite possibilities all around (and within). If we make such a step by choice, we can sense the power rising up within as we acknowledge our true Selves and honour the role that we play in the Universal Whole.

The time is now upon us to either open our eyes fully to the magnificent Whole or to choose to keep on keeping on with our lives defined by our fears, storylines and beliefs. Whilst many of us are choosing to open our eyes fully and step towards an awakened state of being, it is not to be underestimated, for living consciously, eyes wide open, involves having the courage to be the best that we know we can be, to live the best lives possible and to honour our Divinity (for each of us are Divine Sparks).

Of course, we are all striving for this, but to take those final steps between where we are now and where we want to be takes a huge amount of faith, belief and trust. Stepping into the unknown is rarely easy, but when we realise that everything in life is unknowable, and nothing is set in stone, we can begin to ease those fears and step forward with open eyes, arms and hearts towards a brand new dawn…