Guerillas In the Mist

The world within is a mysterious place; as the mists weave their way deep inside, there is a powerful sense of quiet alongside an edge of wariness as to what lies hidden amongst the weaving threads of consciousness and the mists of the unknown. In many ways, these mists represent the soul, but they seem nebulous and intangible; beyond words and definition, and on this journey to Self, we want clarity and vision, not the unknowable and the indefinable.

As we stand hidden in the mists within, we can hear the fog horns in the distance and see the radiating rays shining out from the lighthouse leading the way. It is all too easy to see why so many step back from the world within, for it can be a place of mystery and uncertainty, yet at the same time, as we stand consciously in the mists, our eyesight begins to adjust and we can feel a deeper connection to the world of the soul. It is at the heart of these mists where we feel at One with the gentle and undulating rhythm of the soul, and where we can, ultimately, find clarity and vision.

There is a sense that we need to have faith and step into the mists in order to find ourselves. Although we may become lost or disorientated, if we pause, breathe and re-centre, we can feel the strength rising up from within leading the way.  The more we can become One with the true ebb and flow of the soul, the more we can rest in the stillness and let go of fear. Of course, the future is unknowable, but if we can rest fully and consciously in the present, then the need to chase rainbows stops as we become the rainbow and find Truth.

Of course, the fog horn and the lighthouse presents a somewhat eerie and disconcerting scene for many, and instead of finding the stillness and the strength in the mist, some find yet more fear and angst. Fear builds upon fear, and in time, it erodes and corrodes the stillness and leads to a disconnection between mind, body and soul. Yet, to stand strong in the mist takes courage, for fear is a very real and very potent force. If we sense the presence of guerrillas in the mists of the soul, and let them lead the way, we start to give them power, shape and form.

Change is unknowable, and the current shifts, twists and turns are intense and beyond definition. Yet, intuitively we know that we are a part of this change, and to fear it or resist it seems futile. Whilst we will want to understand it, for that is a part of being human, to give in to it now feels like walking backwards. Inevitably, there will be some that succumb to the fear and step back, but there are many now who are ready to merge the unknowable with the knowable in order to fully embrace the new waves of consciousness as they lap the shores of the soul.

Once we realise the beauty and the treasure of the soul, we realise that the mists are simply our fears and our worries, as well as a reminder that much of the expanse within is still unchartered terrain. This is exciting, for it means that we have much still to experience and discover, celebrate and embrace!

As we continue to open up our hearts, minds and souls to Truth and to the magnificent joy of Wholeness, the waves of bliss and love grow stronger and richer. Whilst there can be no denying that the journey of awakening has, thus far, been a journey of epic proportion, the discoveries made along the way have been inspirational, empowering and heart-warming on many levels. During this process, we have opened up to strength, Truth, intent and vision, and the more we embrace these qualities, the more we realise that we are ready to fully embrace our gifts in order to live the best lives possible.

It is important to acknowledge the role that each of us has played in the journey of awakening, for every single moment before now has been in preparation for the present. Although each of us has had times when we have felt like driftwood being twisted and shaped by the currents and carried along with the ebb and flow of the tides, intuitively we can feel and sense the shifts along the way as we have awakened and risen up to become the beacon of light shining brightly within, radiating through the mists with strength, clarity and vision. So, whilst we may feel powerless, we need to gently re-centre and remind ourselves that we are Whole and then our strength and Divinity can lead the way…