Setting Ourselves Free

Today, we have a Capricorn New Moon (with a partial solar eclipse), along with Jupiter and Uranus in another powerful conjunction. Also at this time, Pluto is conjunct Pallas Athene in Capricorn and Neptune and Chiron are conjunct…

Today seems like the true start to the New Year. The heavy energies of the past few weeks will begin to lift as we begin to feel a spring in our steps and a new surge of vitality and energy flowing through our veins.

This is a time to make affirmations about the year ahead. I choose to use affirmations, for the traditional ‘New Year resolutions’ seem to be made in order to be broken! Affirmations are positive visualisations and statements about life rather than rules or laws to stick to.

The Cosmos is creating a powerful and inspirational flavour to the start of the New Year, and it is up to each of us to decide just how to make the most of this.

Letting go of toxicity on all levels is important – mind, body, spirit and emotions. Even those areas taped off within with a ‘warning toxic – no entry’ sign need to be cleaned up and resolved now.

Today is a special day for reflection and inspiration. It is a time to reconnect to the power within in order to re-motivate and re-focus us. It is also a time to believe in ourselves and to know that by taking full responsibility for the choices we make in life, we can become more empowered and more enlightened as a result. Today is the day to take back the power and to be at One with ourselves…