The Power Within – Retrograde Juno

Juno moved retrograde in Virgo on the 19th January, and this creates a theme of finding wholeness and completeness within. Juno, an asteroid, represents the balance of power in relationships, and when retrograde, this focus shifts to the balance of power within.

We all have polarities, dark and light, yin and yang etc, and it is important to ensure a sense of harmony between these. We have all heard that inner ‘voice’ that can pull us in one direction or another, and this can create confusion or disorientation if we allow that voice to dominate. If we do allow one to dominate completely, we can feel tired, listless and lost.

Juno now brings each of us the chance to seek a true sense of balance within, to allow our polarities to harmonise and to feel more in control of our lives as a result. Once we can achieve this balance within, this will then enable us to seek a truer sense of balance in the other areas of our lives.

As we move forwards in 2011, the need for balance grows ever stronger. When we are balanced, we can stay in tune with our Self, our higher purpose and our destiny. We can also tap into the courage and strength within to take us further forwards on our paths in life. And finally, we can allow ourselves the space and freedom to truly be ourselves and at peace with who we are.

Juno, may be little, but her influence is strong. It is time now to stop the inner power games of ‘oughts’ and ‘should’s’ and instead focus on what we know to be right. Now is the time to become truly empowered and inspired…