Tending The Garden Within

This is a phrase commonly used in the ‘New Age’ arena, particularly in connection with core shamanic ideals and principles. Yet what does it truly mean?

The Garden of our Soul is that place right at the core of our Being, it is a beautiful place, a place of serenity, a place of tranquillity. The grass is the greenest; the flowers are the most fragrant, and the bird song the most beautiful. It is a place where we feel truly connected to the Universe, and where we feel interconnected with the One.

Of course, being human means that we think, create and manifest a whole host of thoughts, events and situations in our lives which can impact this garden within. Sometimes, we can allow weeds to grow and take over, overshadowing the peacefulness. Sometimes, we bring in the bulldozers to create a new ‘masterpiece’ or idea, but we end up with a large messy hole, which we then need to dig our way out of.

We plant seeds within, and we choose to cultivate them or not, for that is free will. It is ultimately up to us, as individuals, as to what we plant and how we care for it. Toxic thoughts and ideas can contaminate our sacred gardens, and they can undermine our Whole-ness.

There is a need now to go back to our roots, and to realise that the choices we make and the paths we follow determine if we are likely to see our gardens blossoming in the near future. We all have beauty within, yet how many of us truly ‘know’ this and believe it?

Ceres enters Aquarius today, and this suggests a need to tend the mind, to think nourishing thoughts and to realise and embrace that abundance that we all have within. It is finally time to heal toxic thoughts, to let go of doubt and to believe that we are all ‘infinite potential’.

Aquarius is a humanitarian, free thinking individual. Ceres is the earth mother, Goddess of the harvest. Together it seems that they will create a bountiful harvest within, a harvest rich in new ideas, new beliefs and in personal revelations. This is a time to think about sowing new seeds for our paths ahead, but to think before we act. We all have choices to make, and we have the chance now to prioritise our true goals and dreams.

It seems clear that each of us has the chance now to de-clutter our inner landscapes and to plan a beautiful and rich garden full of colour, life and vibrancy…