We’ve Got The Power

Taking responsibility has been a powerful theme over the past couple of years, and it seems that this is likely to continue throughout 2011 and beyond. Accountability and responsibility can feel like a burden and can weigh heavy on our shoulders, yet without being responsible for the choices, actions and decisions that we make in life, how can we be empowered and how can we evolve?

It is important that we face and accept the consequences of all our decisions, even if that decision is not to decide. The only way we can be truly free is to be responsible for our own lives, for the choices we makes and for our own capacity to love and honour both ourselves and our destiny.

There is no point in having regrets, for they only take away more energy from our Beings. We need to accept, surrender to the Universe and live in the moment. Focusing on the past takes us away from the present, and focusing on the future stops us from living life to the full. The past and the future, whilst important, can take us away from the present and in many ways it diminishes our wholeness.

We need to live in the present, and we need to be fully awake in order to make the most of what life has to offer us. Being responsible is but one small step on the evolutionary path, but it is an important one. 2011 looks set to see the need for each of us to truly take control of our lives, decisions and choices. Daunting? Yes, but is there any other way?