The Power of You

As we continue to ride the waves of shift and change, it can become all too easy to forget to tend the garden within. Life can become so frantic, that we don’t find the time to do a little weeding or to plant some new seeds to cultivate. Such inner ‘housework’ can feel secondary to the demands of daily life, and yet it is this inner work that shapes and defines what happens next!

Life is one vast mirror, and what happens within is often reflected in our external lives. We see patterns repeat and cycles continue, and it is only when we look within that we can see that we hold the key to affecting change and creating new and positive life affirming cycles. Of course, sometimes things happen in life that go beyond this reasoning, but on the whole when we look within we can find the answers to the puzzles and the conundrums that we find ourselves in.

Much has been written on the Law of Attraction, the power of thought, and when life is going well it is so easy to tap into this and go with the flow. Yet, when life is not so good, it can be hard to ride the wave of positive thinking, for it feels hollow and meaningless. After all, how can we positively state that life is wonderful when it isn’t?

Yet, until we shift our thoughts, we cannot break the cycle, so we can find ourselves hopelessly lost in confusing statements and thoughts that demonstrate our desire to change, but stuck in the reality that life isn’t going our way. What’s the answer?

Well, positive thinking is important, but thoughts without energy, feeling or passion are not enough. Sometimes, we have to muster up the passion and give our thinking energy and movement, power and shape in order to create shift. This is far from easy, but it is possible. It is akin to an athlete in training not only seeing themselves win, but feeling it too. Head and heart need to work together, one without the other just doesn’t work.

So, when we stop and think about re-shaping our thoughts and creating those all important affirmations, intentions and prayers, we need to move beyond the thought and connect to the energy as well. The more energy and emotion, passion and power we can inject, the more we can begin to create positive change. Of course, this is still so hard when life sucks, but little by little, we can begin to see little flecks of light entering an otherwise dark day, and the more we embrace this light, the more we begin to see.

Changing our perspective matters, for we need to see that glass as half full, and give thanks and blessings for that half a glass. We might want a full glass and we might be sad that it is half empty, but we need to celebrate the half that we do have, for this feeds to power of intent and feeds the energy of creation. So, even when life is tough, if we can tend the gardens within, celebrate the little things, and feed the passion and emotion of our intentions, then we can become the masters or mistresses of our own destiny and begin to create our very own Heaven on Earth…