Waking The Dragon Within…

As wave after wave of new consciousness and new awareness laps upon the shores of our souls, it can be all too easy to become intoxicated by the hypnotic sound of the sea and lose ourselves in the beauty of the moment. Such a space feels precious and amazing, but it can also feel challenging as well, for whilst at soul level we may choose to become lost in such a divine space (for this is a sign of living consciously), on the physical level, we can struggle to find the time to stand in quiet solitude absorbing the joy of the moment.

This presents us with a dilemma; for to become free, we need to be fully conscious and aware of the moment, but in order to give ourselves permission to become free, we want to know that all of our needs on the physical level will be taken care of, thereby keeping us away from the very thing that can bring us that freedom!

We can become tied up in knots trying to work out how to find bliss in life, but this kind of misses the point, for the more we look, the farther away from bliss we get, for bliss is not something to seek out and ‘get’; it is a state of being.

Therefore, when we become lost in the joy of the moment, as the waves lap the shoreline of the soul and we can feel, touch and taste the euphoria of the light dancing within, we need to realise that it is okay to be in such a space. In many ways, it is the still moments that matter the most, for it is the stillness, and the stillness within that stillness, that carries so much power and energy. The rest is distraction, for Truth lies in the stillness, not in the busy-ness of keeping on keeping on (chasing and ticking off boxes on a life ‘to-do’ list that continues to grow no matter how hard we try to get to our destinations) etc.

There comes a time when we need to STOP and embrace the courage to go into this stillness; and we need to know and trust that all that we want and need are within this. If we become truly conscious in this moment of pure magic, joy and amazement, we awaken to a whole new dimension in life and become inspired by the infinite possibilities all around. We realise that Heaven is already on Earth and we can feel the Divine pulse beating in our own hearts and flowing through every cell of our Beings.

Whilst this stillness within the stillness, which brings us the euphoria of being fully awake in the moment, feels intangible and indefinable; it is important to realise that even though it is, it is also within our grasp as it fills our hearts and souls. This is a space without a space; it is beyond definition, but it can still be felt. It can be felt by opening up heart, mind and soul to the infinite wonder of bliss.

Of course, this brings to the surface the perpetual chicken and egg scenario of which to do first: become conscious in the moment or to get the basics in place to remove the day-to-day worries. Yet, such a scenario feeds the dilemma, for until we can see beyond this, we cannot accept that it is only by living consciously in the moment that we become our own creators and everything changes. Until we reach this point, we continually chase the horizon trying to get, trying to achieve and trying to find something externally that has been within us all along.

It therefore seems time to lose ourselves in the moment and to surrender to the hypnotic sound, and the delicious flavours, of bliss…